Beauty Barrage - February 12, 2019

Don’t Worry, There’s Another Outrage Around The Corner

in a Feb. 1 interview with HBW Insight, Sonia Summers and Kristy Engels, president and vice president of marketing and brand strategy at the Beauty Strategy Group, discussed the current challenges facing beauty marketers .

“You really have to be careful what you’re putting out there and what you’re doing, and sometimes you do get attacked when there was no malice intended,” Summers observed, adding, “You get a lot of pressure as a brand to make sure that your message is safe.”


There’s no disputing that a perceived belly flop still can make a great splash, and if there’s one thing marketers can count on today as much as excoriation at a moment’s notice, it’s the public’s finite attention span.

“It seems like there’s outrage at something every other day, but consumers sometimes have a short memory,” Engels pointed out.

She continued, “There are just so many other things happening. [Something] will get a lot of press, it will generate a lot of criticism, but it might still drive a lot of sales because it gets more eyeballs on it. The controversy dies down and people are on to the next upset – there’s always going to be another outrage around the corner.”

Beauty marketing should be empathetic and not didactic, Summer suggested.

“I think it’s really about trying to connect to the customer and putting yourself in the same shoes, and making it more, like, ‘This is how we all are,’ rather than, ‘You need to be this,’” she said.

She recognized, though, that brands increasingly are being asked to bow to mob pressure online that flouts good business sense.

“They’re ticked off if you don’t make 50 shades of foundation,” Summers noted. 

“Do they all sell?” she continued, “No, they don’t. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I know they don’t all sell.”

She summed up again, “You cannot launch a product without possibly being attacked. It’s almost like people are just waiting for you to put something out and say, ‘Wow, this doesn’t include me.’”


Excerpted from from HBW article, Read the full article here