Beauty Barrage - October 2, 2019

"With makeup sales slumping and the cost of entry into skincare low, brands without skincare heritage are giving the category a whirl. Rihanna has registered for a trademark for Fenty Skin. Artis, best known for makeup brushes, broadened its portfolio with Artis Phantom Cleansing Silks, a textile product that does the job of an oil cleanser, foaming wash and exfoliator. Glamsquad’s new makeup assortment includes Morning Glow Radiant Face Primer.

Will discerning consumers prone to researching ingredients and brand backstories extensively shell out for skincare products from companies with little expertise in the segment?"

Beauty Independent asked 14 experts from various sectors of the beauty industry to discuss what it takes to succeed in the skincare category."  

Beauty Barrage Founder and CEO Sonia Summers

"Consumers may be seeking instant miracles, but they know it is not reality. Success is dictated by innovation and managing expectations. Tell them what sets your product apart. Tell them what to expect in terms of results. Make the regimen unique, and you have set them up for a great experience."

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