Beauty Barrage - February 12, 2019

As a brand, the relationship between you and your customer is one of your most valuable business assets. Often, a business will waste a lot of time and money looking for new customers when nurturing their existing relationships is just as, or possibly more, important.

Why do you want to give your attention to your existing customers? Statistics show that going after new customers is seven times more expensive than focusing on retention – not to mention your customers are likely to be loyal and continue to support your brand if they feel that they are valued.

Since you want to create a relationship that builds your brand and establishes an on-going connection with customers who purchase from you year after year, in-store relationships are a great way to do that. If you’re ready to provide your customers with an exceptional experience here are just a few ways to make that happen:

Create a Tailored Experience

One of the best ways to show your customers you care is to pay attention to their interaction with your brand. Do they need help selecting the best products during a store visit? Are they asking about recommendations between certain services or products? What if they have questions about how to use a product for best results?

Beauty advisors, or in-store ambassadors, are a great way to start nurturing the customer relationship from the start. Whether customers have a question or need help selecting a product that would work for their specific needs, advisors and brand ambassadors are there to be the face of your business. If you have a product that provides an immediate or sensory benefit, you want to be sure that customers can experience it in store. Having samples on hand that allow the customer to touch and play with products before buying helps to convert those that were on the fence. A consultative, problem-solution sales approach combined with product demos is a key to winning over customers.

Show Intention

One thing customers want as part of a great relationship or experience is to see that they matter. Nurturing in-store relationships start at the beginning, as part of a defined strategy. Launching a brand comes with endless tasks, and when you don’t have a clear plan in place or designated services to help with sales then it’s easy to let the customer relationship experience slip further down the to-do list – and customers start to notice!

To build and nurture relationships with customers, you must always be looking for new ways to engage them with intention and purpose.

Be Open to Feedback

Whether it’s from your customers or beauty advisors working in-store, feedback is a great tool to use when improving or to strengthen relationships.

With in-store beauty advisors and ambassadors, you can get a feel for how your customers are engaging with the brand in real time. Another advantage of being open to feedback is it shows your customers that you care about them and willing to consider their thoughts and experiences. When it comes to businesses and customers, one of the most significant comments customers make is they want to feel heard and valued by a brand – especially millennials and Gen Z shoppers.

Some of the most successful brands today have been built upon customer feedback. Glossier utilized their customer base to help influence product development. They listened, asked questions, and enlisted their base for feedback before they produced a single item. Listening and talking to your customers online and offline helps you to better understand their needs and wants so you can improve (or determine) your product offerings.

Communication Never Stops

When a customer comes into a store and purchases a product that shouldn’t be the end of their experience with your brand. Maintaining and welcoming communication long after they leave the store is essential for retaining and increasing profits over time – so look for ways to engage with them through emails, promotional offers or other forms of communication with a personal touch.

Even though nurturing in-store relationships builds a strong foundation, it’s what you do with your customer when they leave that will elevate their experience and create brand loyalty. How do you make them feel like they matter?

Give them access to behind-the-scenes peeks at your brand and the products you’re offering. Customers love to feel like they belong to an exclusive club with access to first-looks into new services or products that would benefit them – but this also helps you by igniting buzz or excitement around upcoming products.

Do you have a CRM in place to follow up with them on special events like birthdays? Do you email them a few weeks after the purchase to see how things are going, or send a promo code when it is time to replenish a product? Loyalty programs are another way to show your customers you care. Rewarding points to your customer for referrals and purchases so they can earn goods or services aren't just for airlines and big stores like Sephora or Ulta. You can also let them know when they can find your team in-store so they can have another face to face with the brand.

In-Store Relationships are the Foundation

From the moment a customer walks into a store your brand has an opportunity to create an experience for them they won’t forget. When beauty advisors or brand ambassadors get to know their needs or wants and then point them in the right direction, it makes customers feel like they’re being seen and heard – which is vital for creating a loyal relationship from the start.

Ready to create an in-store experience for customers that will help achieve your business goals? Reach out to Beauty Barrage to start the conversation!



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