Beauty Barrage - June 17, 2019

It's hard to scroll through Instagram without noticing more and more influencers promoting products and services to spread awareness for multiple brands.

Whether you're an established brand or just starting out, there's something that should be just as important as the promo process: brand loyalty. To increase consideration and boost sales year after year, you need to make sure you're reaching the right audience and making loyal fans out of those who come across your brand.

How do you do that?

Social Influence.

More companies are turning to social media and influencers to help reach specific demographics that align with the overall brand and message. As part of any marketing strategy, a social media strategy is an essential component and one that can really provide a significant return on investment over other marketing methods. Not sure how social media or influencers can impact your brand? Let's take a look at some of the ways incorporating influencer and social media marketing pays off for your business:

Social Influence has a Massive Reach

Depending on how many influencers you partner with or how many fans you build up organically on your social media platforms, you have the potential for massive reach and growth. Whether you're using influencers to help build your following or helping to increase brand loyalty, social media has the potential to reach any desired demographic with a good strategy in place. Another benefit of social influence? You can easily track results and make changes as needed to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns.

It Builds Trust

When you try a new product, is it usually based on the recommendation of a friend or family member? The same concept applies to social influence. Social media influencers – with both high and moderate followings – become a trusted source of information for their followers so when they talk about a brand or product their fans begin to connect with your brand in a more trusting and loyal manner.

Trust and loyalty are crucial to the longevity of any brand, and social influence plays a significant role in helping you reach those fans quicker and more authentically than through various other methods.

There's an Emotional Component

Gone are the days where brands just appeared as corporate logos. Now, customers want to see a face attached to a brand to build an emotional connection. People are more likely to develop loyalty when they have an emotional attachment to a brand – which is where having a brand ambassador or social media influencer really comes into play when expanding your brand.

Brand Ambassadors are Great Advocates

Looking for someone to spread news and tips about your products to their own friends and followers? Brand ambassadors are really valuable both in their own community and in your circle – they are there to promote your business in-store while also helping share relevant content about your products with people who trust them – leading the way for long-time customers to your brand. 

Brand ambassadors also like to feel as if they belong to a community – so it makes sense to connect with them as part of your marketing strategy, so you both benefit from the relationship.

Get Real with Your Customers

In the world of social media, customers want to see your brand in action. They want to see behind-the-scenes activities and CEOs getting real on Instagram – when customers feel like they connect with your business as a friend, they are more willing to stay loyal to it over time.

This also works for generating content that connects with customers on Instagram and other social media channels. The more interactive you are – whether it's creating videos for your timeline or spending a little bit of time each week to go live on InstaStories, customers appreciate having an authentic peek behind the brand, and it makes a big difference in how they shop. Incorporating brand ambassadors into this type of content further connects your brand with more of your target market.

The bottom line: customers appreciate realness. Whether that means being super transparent about your brand by answering questions or creating fun content for them to interact with, it really pays off in the long-term. Social influence is definitely an avenue that should not be overlooked – brand ambassadors are so valuable in the services they provide. Since you can't be everywhere at once with your business, they are at the front lines helping drive customer support and loyalty.

If you're ready to incorporate social influence into your sales strategy and marketing plan, connect with Beauty Barrage to make it happen!


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