Beauty Barrage - December 20, 2018

When you love beauty – or the beauty industry – the idea of stepping into a career that encompasses skincare + wellness sounds like an amazing opportunity!

For most, the idea of working in beauty is often narrowed down to the artistic side of things like becoming a makeup artist, manicurist, or esthetician.  But, did you know that there are countless other career options that don't require a license? Whether you love marketing and sales, desire to be a brand representative, or count yourself as a geek with a love of chemistry or writing, there’s plenty of options for careers in the beauty and retail side of the industry.

Here are five careers in beauty you need to know about:

Brand Ambassador

Picture this – you’re starting out and know you want a job in the beauty industry…the only trouble is you have no idea what you want to do or which brand you want to work for first. 

If you love giving your friends a makeover or getting them ready for a big night out, this could be the role for you! You can work for a particular brand, or a beauty strategy group that partners with brands of all sizes, and act as an ambassador in various stores, interacting with customers and sharing product recommendations to offer a customized experience. Ambassadors are often the face of a brand and work to promote or enhance recognition for new and even established brands! 

Being a brand ambassador also gives you flexibility in scheduling and is an excellent option for people returning to the workforce after having kids, students working their way thru school, or somebody looking for part-time work.

And did we mention beauty product samples?  Once you're established in a role, you'll get samples to try so you can share your experience and feedback with customers, making you a brand advocate as well as an ambassador!

Social Media Marketing

Do you love hopping on social media to share your recommendations or thoughts on certain products or brands? A career in social media marketing might be just the thing for you – especially as influencers and brand ambassadors become even more critical to a brand’s overall strategy.

Smaller brands are especially keen on hiring social media personalities who build and develop trust with an audience. Important aspects of a career in social media within the beauty industry is to find a brand that aligns with your own voice or brand so that engagement is authentic and natural.  Writing and creative skills are essential here - you'll need to be prepared to write catchy copy and make pretty pictures.

Product Development

For you science lovers, beauty offers an incredible opportunity to develop products utilizing new ingredients, state of the art technology, and patented processes.  Manufacturers are always on the lookout for talent who can help to create the next big beauty breakthrough. Engineers design everything from hi-tech devices to unique packaging.

Retail Manager

Do you love working in retail? Becoming a manager is one way to up level that passion and be in charge of a team.

There are plenty of incentives for becoming a retail manager – especially if growing sales is something that appeals to you! Retail managers thrive on learning how to manage inventory, increase sales, expand and train team members, and develop a loyal following of customers year after year. Becoming a retail manager of a beauty store you love and value?    In-store discounts on your favorite beauty products and free samples galore make this gig even better.

Sales Representative

If you love to travel, the position of a sales representative for a brand might be the way to go! Sales representatives for brands are always on the go, presenting to retailer partners, attending trade shows or events, learning about the latest trends in the beauty industry, and implementing marketing and sales tips into an overall strategy to boost revenue every year. For those who like to hustle and prefer to be more social, a role like this can be a great fit.


There are so many possibilities for careers in the beauty industry! If you're actively looking for a role, connect with Beauty Barrage to apply for a position.  You can find our current openings here.  Can't find a role in your town? Sign up for job alerts to be notified when there is an opening in your area.


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